System metadata

The system metadata are file attributes which cannot be edited (except for the name). The following system metadata are available on CAVATICA:

  • ID - unique on the Platform (i.e. there are no two files on the Platform with the same ID).
  • Status, where possible statuses are:
  • Path - indicates where the file is located, under which project or folder.
  • Name - unique on the current path (i.e. it's not possible to have two files with the same name on the same path).
  • Size.
  • Type - can be file or folder.
  • Extension - assigned automatically by the Platform (e.g. Extension = BAM).
  • Checksum (please note that this information is currently available only for small number of specific files on the Platform).
  • Location - indicates where the file is physically hosted.
  • Creation Date.
  • Modification Date (note: since file content is immutable, this can be only file metadata modification date).
  • Task ID, which is available for task output files.