INCLUDE Cloud Credits

To support cloud-based research in Down syndrome, INCLUDE is allocating cloud credits for use on the INCLUDE DCC’s cloud platforms. These credits are available in scalable amounts, allowing users to explore datasets and the platform independently before writing an application to support larger analyses.

INCLUDE Cloud Credits are available for INCLUDE users, defined as researchers who meet one of the following criteria.

  • Carrying out research on INCLUDE data, as listed on the INCLUDE DCC’s Studies & Access page
  • Developing a tool with the intention to use it to analyze INCLUDE data
  • Developing a tool which can be used to analyze INCLUDE data

$100 USD Pilot Credits- All INCLUDE Users

All INCLUDE users will receive $100 in pilot funds to introduce them to the capabilities of the CAVATICA platform. Users simply need to create an account on CAVATICA and then write to [email protected] stating their initial research is on INCLUDE.

  1. Navigate to
  2. Select Create an Account. You may choose to create your account using an existing NIH ERA Commons ID or any email address of your choosing.
  3. For Are you interested to work with INCLUDE data select Yes.

Image showing the CAVATICA account creation screen indicating where to register as an INCLUDE user.

  1. After your account is created, you can write to [email protected] stating your CAVATICA username and that your initial research will be on INCLUDE. In 1-2 business days, your Pilot Funds will be created, and you will be the owner of a billing group called “Pilot Funds (username)” specific to your username. This billing group is credited with $100 to help you get started.

$1,000 USD Limited Credits Billing Group

Users may apply for credits to support specific projects. These Limited Credits billing groups are capped at $1,000. Researchers can use these credits to build and test workflows on the platform, complete small analysis projects, or carry out benchmarking experiments in preparation for larger analysis projects.

To apply for a Limited Credits Billing Group, users should contact Huiqing Li (NIH/NHLBI) at [email protected]. Users should include a brief description of their intended use for the credits, less than one page typed.

Up to $20,000 USD Extended Credits Billing Group

Users who have received a Limited Credits billing group are eligible to apply for additional credits to complete a larger research project. These Extended Credits billing groups are capped at $20,000. A list of questions including preliminary results and benchmarking outcomes from the Limited Credits stage will be asked and reviewed during the application process.

To apply for an Extended Credits Billing Group, users should contact Huiqing Li (NIH/NHLBI) at [email protected]. Users should include a detailed description of their intended use for the credits, a description of their activities accomplished under the Limited Credits billing group, and a calculated estimate of cost based on intended workflows and datasets.

For more information about the INCLUDE program, visit the INCLUDE portal.