Before you start

CAVATICA is a storage, sharing, and analysis platform designed to handle large volumes of pediatric tumor genomics data. It is produced in collaboration with Seven Bridges and based on the Seven Bridges Platform for cloud storage and bioinformatics analysis.

The CAVATICA Knowledge Center provides documentation for CAVATICA-specific features. Please refer to the Seven Bridges knowledge center for general information on using the Platform.


We suggest you start by reading the first chapter of the Seven Bridges documentation to familiarise yourself with the Platform and refer to the documentation here for CAVATICA-specific features such as Datasets and the CAVATICA API.

CAVATICA is currently running in Beta, and will be enhanced through implementation of customized features and addition of further data sets. These data sets will include additional pediatric cancer supporting pan-cancer pediatric data analysis in partnership with specialised consortia.

Pilot funds

Pilot funds for using CAVATICA are available upon request. Please contact our Support for more information.