Common Fund Data Ecosystem

The NIH Common Fund Data Ecosystem (CFDE) is running a limited funding program until September 2024, the Cloud Workspace Pilot (CWP) . The CFDE CWP is two-tiered funding system that encourages the use of CFDE data created by the different DCCs in the program (e.g. HuBMAP , GTEx , GMKF , ERCC, etc.) on CAVATICA to expand both medical science and the adoption of cloud-computing methodologies in the bioinformatics space. During these piloting activities, you will receive dedicated support to bring your data and analysis to the CAVATICA cloud workspace using a range of methods including GA4GH DRS, in addition to training resources and documentation.

$1,000 Tier 1

Submit an application that briefly describes your project idea for up to $1,000 in cloud-credits for the Tier 1 phase of the CFDE CWP. The information you will be asked to provide is as follows:

  • Name (your first and last name)
  • Affiliation (your organization or academic affiliation)
  • Email (the email address at which we can reach you)
  • CFDE DCC(s) (CFDE Data Coordinating Center names whose datasets you plan to use)
  • CFDE Datasets (specific CFDE datasets you plan to use)
  • Non-CFDE Datasets (specify any non-CFDE datasets, if you plan to use datasets which are not from CFDE Data Coordinating Centers)
  • Research Description (describe your proposed research, limiting to 150-350 words)
  • Technical Plan (describe your proposed technical plan, limiting to 100-200 words)
  • Budget Amount and Justification (describe the planned budget and its justification, okay to ballpark)

As the project develops and data explored, research questions will be expanded and changed, leading into tier 2.

$5,000 Tier 2

Throughout your initial Tier 1 research, you will be in contact and working with cloud-computing and data experts. When your project nears completion or exhaustion of funds, the CFDE CWP team will reach out and assist to apply for up to $5,000 to continue your research on Tier 2.

For more information or feedback about the “Cloud Workspace Partnership Pilot” program, on CFDE Slack reach out in the #cloud-workspace-pilot channel or send an email to Surya Saha ([email protected]) and Eric Wenger ([email protected]).