File repositories on CAVATICA

Before you can analyze data on CAVATICA , the files need to be within a specific project. In other words, an analysis can't be performed on data which is outside of the project.

  • Every project has its own Project Files. This repository is located within the project and contains the input and output files for workflows in that project. You can upload files directly to a project or copy them from other projects and repositories.
  • Public Reference Files, a repository of files maintained by CAVATICA, contains the latest and most frequently used reference genomes and annotation files, so you won't have to upload your own reference files every time you run a task. Many bioinformatics tools and workflows require reference and annotation files to work properly. Files stored in this repository can be copied to your Project Files for use in analyses.
  • Public Test Files, also a repository of files maintained by CAVATICA, which contains the common test samples.

You can copy files from any file repositories to your project. Or, you can upload your data directly to a project. For instance, if you'd like to use a file from the Public Reference Files or Public Test Files repository, you first need to copy it to your project. You can access these repositories from the Data menu.