Mount a project


When you mount a project, all files from that project become available as a local file system. You can mount one, several, or all of your projects.

Once you mount a project, its files will become available in the local folder that you specified. There, you can manage them via the command line interface as you would any other file on your computer, such as opening the files in an application, or adding and removing files from that folder.

The recommended method for managing the files is via the command line interface. Furthermore, it is recommended that you disable file previews for the applications used to open files, as previews can cause significant increase in the data traffic between CAVATICA and your computer.


Before mounting a project, you need to create a dedicated empty folder on your computer which will be used for placing the project files.

Mount a single project

To mount your project, issue the following command:

sbfs mount <dir> --project <username/project-name>

For example:

sbfs mount ~/documents/my-folder --project rfranklin/my-project

The first parameter is used to specify the address of your local folder (either absolute or relative), followed by the --project option to specify the name of the project you want to mount.

Mount multiple projects

To mount all projects you have access to, omit the --project option.

sbfs mount ~/documents/my-folder

Optional parameters

--project <project-name>The option for specifying the name of the project which will be mounted. If you are mounting more than one project, the project names must be separated with a comma (,). To mount all available projects, omit this option.
--foregroundThe option for making the SBFS stay in the foreground after mounting. All output messages will be sent to standard output stream (stdout) or to the log file if command is executed with the --log-file option.
--dir-mode <value>The option for specifying access permissions for the directories. The default value is: 755.
-file-mode <valueThe option for specifying access permissions for the files. The default value is: 644.
--read-onlyMount the file system in read-only mode. By default, file system is mounted in write mode. Using this option implies that all files written to the mountpoint will be removed on unmount, without any changes to the project on CAVATICA. It is also not possible to remove files or directories.
--allow-otherUse this option to allow other OS users to access the mounted file system. By default, only the current user (that executed the mount command) will be able to access the file system.
--thread-count <value>The option for specifying the number of threads which will be used. The default value is the number of CPU cores.
--disk-cache-sizeSize of SBFS cache on the local disk. Default size is 4 GiB.
--disk-cache-pathPath of SBFS cache on the local disk. Default path is $TMPDIR.