The Global Alliance for Genomics and Health (GA4GH) is a policy-framing and technical standards-setting international organization, seeking to enable responsible genomic data sharing within a human rights framework.

Through its engagement in GA4GH, Seven Bridges actively works with platform development partners and industry leaders to develop standards that will facilitate interoperability.

GA4GH Foundational and Technical Work Streams develop standards and tools that are designed to overcome technical and regulatory hurdles to international genomic data-sharing.

The GA4GH Cloud Work Stream helps the genomics and health communities take full advantage of modern cloud environments. Its initial focus is on 'bringing the algorithms to the data', by creating standards for defining, sharing, and executing portable workflows. Standards under discussion include workflow definition languages, tool encapsulation, cloud-based task and workflow execution, and cloud-agnostic abstraction of data access.

The Data Repository Service (DRS) API provides a generic interface to data repositories so data consumers, including workflow systems, can access data in a single, standard way regardless of where it's stored and how it's managed.

The primary functionality of DRS is to map a logical ID to a means for physically retrieving the data represented by the ID.


DRS API base path is: https://cavatica-ga4gh-api.sbgenomics.com/ga4gh/drs

Authorization and Authentication

All API requests need to have the HTTP header X-SBG-Auth-Token which you should set to your authentication token.

DRS API paths

The following API paths are available as part of Seven Bridges implementation of DRS API: