Add an app using raw CWL


For general information on the API, including formatting, parameters, and pagination, please see the API Overview.

This call allows you to add an app using raw CWL.{app_id}/raw



Recall from the API Overview that the app_id has the form {project_owner}/{project}/{app_short_name}/{revision_number}

Note that if you omit the revision_number field, the API will use the latest app revision.

You can create the {app_short_name} for your app when you upload it. It can be any string of alphanumeric characters, with no spaces. Note that the app's given name (a full human-readable string) is contained in the CWL that you POST.


Example request

POST /v2/apps/RFranklin/my-project/my-app/raw HTTP/1.1
X-SBG-Auth-Token: 3259c50e1ac5426ea8f1273259740f74
curl --data-binary '@my-app.json' -s -H "X-SBG-Auth-Token: 7942f56901534434a054dafc3813bc96" -H "content-type: application/json" -X POST ""

Header Fields

Your CAVATICA authentication token.
Content-TypeDepending on the type of file you are uploading:
application/json for a JSON file
application/yaml for a YAML file

Path parameters

app_idThe ID for the app you are you want to upload. It should reference the project that you want the app to be added to, a short name for the app (containing no non-alphanumeric characters or spaces), and a revision number.

Query parameters

NameData typeDescription
fieldsstringSelector specifying a subset of fields to include in the response.

Request body

The body of the request should be a CWL app description saved as a JSON or YAML file. For a template of this description, try making the call to get raw app information about an app already in one of your projects.