Release note 10.17.16

Create and use folders via the API

You can organize your project files within folders via specific API requests. The Folders functionality is an advanced access feature, which means specific feature details are subject to change. Each project is a root folder containing all your project files. Create nesting folders within this root folder to sort your files or mirror external file structures. Currently, this functionality is only accessible via the API. This means you can only see the files in your root folder on the visual interface. You won't be able to see the folders you've created via the API or the files within them via the visual interface Learn more about folders.

Improved search by properties in the Data Browser

Each entity in the Data Browser contains a search functionality you can use to quickly find properties such as Drug name or its value. Add desired values by selecting them from the returned matches. If you wish to add an additional value for the property, simply start searching again. Your previous selections will be preserved as you select further values. Learn more about the Data Browser.