Release note 07.19.21

Manifest-based import improvements and data update on CAVATICA

With this release, we have improved and simplified the process of importing PDC and ICDC data on CAVATICA. The update includes better user experience—the upload interface is more modern and streamlined, while manifest files are now automatically uploaded to the destination project and can be reused, shared, and organized as any other file in the project. 

This release also includes addition of new studies and updates of existing data for the PDC and ICDC datasets.

Recently published apps

GSEAPreranked Workflow performs Gene Set Enrichment Analysis (GSEA). It is generated with an assumption that a differential expression analysis has been done before using the DESeq2 tool which is publicly available on CAVATICA. The GSEAPreranked Workflow consists of two tools, GSEA Input Prepare and GSEAPreranked. The GSEAPreranked tool represents a wrapper around the command-line tool that was developed by the BROAD Institute. The GSEA Input Prepare tool is based on the Python script developed by the Seven Bridges team to prepare the required input file formats for the GSEAPreranked tool.