Release note 03.17.20

Real-time job monitoring / Instance metrics [new feature, BETA]

With these new features we are providing additional job monitoring and debugging tools, which are readily accessible for each task during its execution. You are now able to monitor execution progress in a more extensive way and find out the reasons for stuck, prolonged, or misconfigured jobs on your own, while we continue to ensure the same level of reproducibility.

Real-time job monitoring

As long as the instance on which the job was running is active, you can now access the following information about the job execution environment:

  • Standard output and error streams.
  • Workspace directory content and structure.
  • Head/Tail preview of text file formats for files in the workspace directory.
  • Instance metrics for the duration of the job.

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Instance metrics

Cavatica now also lets you access instance metrics information for all instances used in task execution. This information is available during task execution and for 15 days after the task has been executed.

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Multi-cloud on Cavatica

For users who store their files in different regions, Cavatica now allows them to manage all their work from a single space and spin up chosen computation resources at the location where their data lives. By letting the users choose their project location, we provide an environment for much easier control of costs caused by potential data transfers between different regions. This way users can optimize their workload for a specific use case, and we will continue to provide full transparency over data transfer costs charged by cloud infrastructure providers. Read more