Release note 11.14.16

Group parameter settings

View parameter settings grouped by the apps they belong to on task-related pages, such as the Draft Task page and Task page. This functionality allows you to toggle between viewing:

  • all parameters for all apps within your workflow
  • editable parameters
  • only the parameters whose values are different from the default ones

Note that parameters which are both included in input ports and shared between nodes will be automatically linked. Learn more from the documentation.

Cavatica Datasets API

Use the Cavatica Datasets API to access Cavatica User Generated Datasets and search for files in these datasets. This feature can be used in conjunction with the Cavatica Public API to access files located using the Cavatica Datasets API. Dataset administrators maintain control over dataset members and permissions as well as files within datasets. Note that the Cavatica Datasets API is an advanced access feature, which means specific feature details are subject to change.

Learn more about the Cavatica Datasets API.