Release note 09.15.23

Recently published apps

We have just published the following tools from the BBTools 39.01 toolkit:

  • BBDuk: used for trimming, filtering, and masking of input reads.
  • Reformat: used for generic read-processing tasks (changing ASCII quality encoding, interleaving, file format, compression).
  • BBMap: used for splice-aware read alignment.
  • Dedupe: used for removing duplicates from input sequences.
  • SplitNextera: used for splitting Nextera long-mate-pair reads.
  • CalcUniqueness: used for determining library complexity and the need for additional sequencing by generating kmer uniqueness histogram.
  • Taxonomy: used for printing taxonomy information for provided organism identifiers.
  • Repair: used to correct disordered reads and reads whose mates have been lost.
  • Seal: used for alignment-free sequence quantification.
  • BBMerge: used for merging overlapping paired end reads.
  • BBMask: used for masking low-complexity, tandem repeats or SAM mapped regions.
  • Tadpole: used as a kmer-based assembler.
  • Statistics: used for calculating assembly statistics.
  • BBNorm: used for normalizing read depth based on kmer counts.