Release note 09.07.20

CWL 1.1 now available on Cavatica

Cavatica now supports Common Workflow Language (CWL) version v1.1. The new version of CWL brings some minor improvements, most notably:

  • Limit for execution time of a command line tool. If execution time exceeds the defined limit, the tool will fail to prevent additional costs.
  • Ability to disable memoization for a specific tool. If you want to use memoization for a workflow run, but want to skip memoization in a specific tool, CWL1.1 introduces a feature that allows this.
  • Ability to declare optional secondary files. A task is not prevented from running if an optional secondary file is not available in the project.
  • And quite a few minor features and improvements. For the detailed change log please see the CWL CommandLineTool specification and the CWL Workflow specification.

The new CWL version v1.1 is a backwards-compatible upgrade of version v1.0, meaning all v1.0 features are still supported in v1.1. To upgrade an v1.0 app to v1.1, simply edit the app and the next version of the app can automatically be upgraded to v1.1. (Note that upgrading a workflow CWL version to v1.1 this way will not upgrade the CWL version of tools in the workflow).

CWL v1.0 apps are still supported and can be used in workflows in combination with CWL v1.1 apps.