Release note 08.07.23

Recently published apps

We have just published RTG Tools 3.12.1 (ROCPlot, VCFEval, Format), MaxQuant and GATK GenotypeGVCFs tools:

  • RTG Tools Format converts data files from FASTA/FASTQ/SAM/BAM into the RTG Sequence Data File (SDF) format.
  • RTG Tools VCFEval is a tool that performs sophisticated comparison of VCF files.
  • RTG Tools ROCPlot is used to plot ROC curves from ROC data files generated by RTG Tools VCFEval.
  • MaxQuant integrates algorithms specifically developed for high-resolution, quantitative MS data, and it is applicable for shotgun proteomics.
  • GATK GenotypeGVCFs is used to joint-genotype GVCF files created by GATK HaplotypeCaller/GATK GenomicsDBImport tools.