Release note 08.01.16

We're constantly making improvements to Cavatica. Please find below a list of recently released features:

Access public data resources

In order to facilitate data sharing and use, we've introduced additional features to make it easier for researchers to request access to public data resources in Cavatica. Both researchers and data administrators will benefit from additional notifications and usability improvements to make it easier to share and use data in a secure and compliant manner.

Controlled Projects

To enhance compliant data sharing and use, we've introduced the concept of 'Controlled Projects'. These projects allow researchers to work together to analyze data for a particular project or research objective. Additionally, all Cavatica users can find and discover on-going projects. In addition to a project description and participants, researchers can see metadata about the data and analyses being conducted. They can request to join the project see more information and to collaborate with the other members on the particular research question being investigated.