Release note 07.15.19

GDC Datasets version update

As of July 10, GDC datasets available through the Data Browser correspond to GDC Data Release 17.

CPTAC-3 data release

With this release we will have controlled access data from the CPTAC-3 project available on Cavatica for search and filtering in the Data Browser. This set contains WGS, WXS, and RNA-Seq data that is protected, and access to it requires approval from dbGaP. The data has been collected within the CPTAC (Clinical Proteomic Tumor Analysis Consortium) program, in the third phase labelled as CPTAC-3. The program was focused on collection of proteomics data for patients with a particular cancer type, but the data collection is also expanded to genomic data, particularly for lung, kidney, and uterus carcinoma. The primary source for this genomic data is at the GDC. Read more.