Release note 06.17.19

Writing rate limit-efficient API scripts

The API rate limit is a limit to the number of calls you can send to the Cavatica API within a predefined time frame. That limit is 1,000 requests within 5 minutes. After this limit is reached, no further calls are accepted by the API server until the 5 minute interval ends.

It is important to write API scripts with this API rate limit in mind to minimize the number of API calls to Cavatica. This way, you avoid reaching your rate limit and your API scripts can execute without delay due to server-side throttling.

We put new documentation online that helps you make your API scripts rate limit-efficient. Code snippets demonstrate recommended use of the Seven Bridges Python client to minimize API calls for common tasks, including finding projects, iterating over result sets of queries, importing files from volumes, exporting files to volumes, updating file metadata, copying files between projects, deleting files, and submitting tasks for execution.

If you ever experienced errors or delays due to the Cavatica API rate limit, please make sure to give this new content a read to learn how to make your API calls (not) count.