Release note 06.08.20

Supported instances update

With this update you can now use the newest instance sizes for Amazon EC2 C5, R5 and M5 Instances in task executions and Data Cruncher analyses.

The following instances have been added:

  • c5.12xlarge (48 vCPU, 96 GiB memory, EBS-only)
  • c5.24xlarge (96 vCPU, 192 GiB memory, EBS-only)
  • r5.8xlarge (32 vCPU, 256 GiB memory, EBS-only)
  • r5.16xlarge (64 vCPU, 512 GiB memory, EBS-only)
  • m5.8xlarge (32 vCPU, 128 GiB memory, EBS-only)
  • m5.16xlarge (64 vCPU, 256 GiB memory, EBS-only)

Learn more about supported instance types.

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