Release note 04.10.23

Recently published apps

We published the following tools from the STAARpipeline 0.9.6 and FAVORannotator 1.0.0 toolkits:

  • STAARpipeline tool, which performs phenotype-genotype association analyses using the STAAR procedure. The app is designed for analyzing whole-genome/whole-exome sequencing data.
  • STAARpipelineSummary VarSet tool, which summarizes results from the STAAR procedure for analyzing WGS and WES data.
  • STAARpipelineSummary IndVar tool, which extracts information of individual variants from a user-specified variant set.
  • FAVORannotator tool which functionally annotates genotype data in GDS format using the FAVOR Database. The resulting file can then facilitate a wide range of functionally-informed downstream analyses, for example, phenotype-genotype association analyses using the STAARpipeline toolkit.