Release note 03.23.20

Multi-factor authentication

Multi-factor authentication (MFA) significantly decreases the risk of compromising users accounts. It is an additional layer of protection beyond your password and combines something you already know (password) with something you have (mobile phone). You will have the option to use the second step in the authentication procedure, or use back-up codes if the preferred authentication method is not available. Moreover, in case of problems with the login procedure, there will be an option to contact support directly from the login screen.


To help you maintain your dataset queries and align them with changes in underlying data models, we have introduced data model versioning.

Data models determine the nomenclature for all elements that are included in a model, define all entities and their properties, as well as relationships between different entities. When there is a new version of a data model, the structure of these elements and their relationships can change, thus rendering previously saved queries non-runnable.

To make the changes more visible and help you rebuild your queries, data model versions are displayed at various locations in the Data Browser for each of the available datasets, as well as the update history. Learn more


DESeq2 was updated to the latest version and upgraded to CWL1.0.