Release note 12.03.18

R client updates

The sevenbridges-r API client has been updated with several sets of API calls. Precisely, the new additions include Folders, Enterprise, Bulk, Actions and Markers (Advance Access) APIs. Moreover, the R client now also supports setting execution hints per task run when drafting new tasks.

In order to improve your experience with our R client, we have optimized package installation and loading time. Also, the documentation website for the R client has been updated with new styling and improved text readability. To download the latest version and get more information, please visit the Releases page on GitHub and read the documentation.

New file search options

When searching for files within a project, now you have the option to search within the current folder only, without including subfolders and their content in the search. Until now, the default behavior was that the current folder (or project root) and all of its subfolders got included in the search, with the Path column being shown in the search results. This remains the default behavior, but now there is an additional option to search through items from the current path (project root or folder) only, without searching through subfolders.

One of the two file search options can be selected by clicking the search icon within the file search field. Learn more.