Release note 02.06.23

We have just published five tools from the GraphicsMagick 1.3.38 toolkit, the swiss army knife of image processing:

  • GraphicsMagick compare compares two images using statistics and/or visual differencing. The tool compares two images and reports difference statistics according to specified metrics, and/or outputs an image with a visual representation of the differences.
  • GraphicsMagick composite composites (combines) images to create a new image.
  • GraphicsMagick conjure interprets and executes scripts in the Magick Scripting Language (MSL). The Magick scripting language (MSL) will primarily benefit those that want to accomplish custom image processing tasks but do not wish to program.
  • GraphicsMagick convert is used to convert an input image file using one image format to an output file with the same or different image format while applying an arbitrary number of image transformations.
  • GraphicsMagick montage creates a composite image by combining several separate images.